Balgay Club

Playing Times

The green is open seven days a week throughout the season, April to September, with few restrictions when members are unable to play (see club notice board for details).

Wappenschaws (bowling term for a friendly gathering)

Members are encouraged to take part in the regular, planned, weekly wappenschaws presently held on Monday afternoon and evening. These gatherings are very sociable where ‘good company’ takes precedence over ‘good bowling’!

Club Competitions

Various competitions take place throughout the season. Members are encouraged to take part in these and they can be taken as seriously, or not, as each individual wishes. Most of the ‘singles, pairs, triples and fours’ competitions are separate for male and female members but there are also some which are mixed.

Inter-club games

There are regular weekly games against other clubs, home and away, for both male and female members. These are very sociable events with a healthy element of friendly competition.

Inter-club Competitions

There are various inter-club competitions and leagues throughout the season some of which have a more competitive edge to them. Balgay has a proud history of success in these over the years.